Ivy League Alt Alliance

ExecutorEVE University Hall of Residence
Corp Count173


303rd Strategic Studies Group130
Absolute Atrocity20
Accidental Baggage Check90
Alamari Holdings20
Alaska Native Corp90
Almost Snuggly90
Amicus Assemblies60
Andes Development Company80
Anzer Industries50
Ariea's Corp40
Artful Copycats310
Asclepeion Pharmaceuticals10
Astarte Forward Division291
Astral Blue Collective40
Astrum Messor Industrius60
Ater Solaris60
Atlas Space Industries330
ATZ Industries Limited50
Bearded Battle Legion110
Bergbau und Transport unter Freunden310
Beryll Research Corp20
Black Mesa Labratories10
Bluefin Technologies Inc.70
Bochoko Posse120
Bodgit and Scarper kft80
Boneyard Services Inc30
Bravais Incorporated40
Breadbox Holding Company170
Bronhoff Subsidiaries80
Cathode-Ray Transmissions30
Charmander Trainer60
Combat Comms261
Creaking Gears40
Cultum Collective20
Da Zane Industries60
De Vuijst Diensten en Industrie b.v.60
Divine Misdemeanors110
Donohue Enterprises30
Dragon Moon Rising220
Eagle Claw Holdings60
Empire Research Division260
enDaire Enterprises50
Endurica Industries150
Erratic Enterprises60
ETA Pravda3-2
EVE Crystal Warriors20
EVE University Hall of Residence535-3
Eyes of Horus30
Fallen Ombernauts30
Federal Tax Free Zone80
Feminine Consortium80
Firefighter Financial Services60
Free Pantz Conglomerate70
Gabriel Something Something60
Gay Space Luxury Communists20
Glip Glop Conglomerates20
GR Titans Inc.80
Grungle Scientific Enterprises40
Halsky's Minions110
Hauler and Trader Tax Evasion110
Haven for Renn30
House Luminarus R and D Foundation50
Hurray for Boobies110
Hyped Hiker's Hideaway330
In0 Vay-Shun20
Indigo Archive90
Insomniac Dreams80
Interdisciplinary Collective of Constructs20
Intergalatic Penguin Patrol20
Ironbound Syndicate50
Ivy League Buyback61-2
Ivy League INC Holdings280
Ixx Trading Corporation120
Jam and Stuff50
Jerad's Hangout10
Kirri Heavy Industries40
Kiwii Industries390
Legio Victorem30
Liberty and Justice For Each70
Lifebinder Logistics50
Lightspeed Ventures30
Lobesorehauler Corp70
Los Toronjos50
Manticore Inc20
Marsopolis Creche Foundation Ltd.110
Mathew's many boxed miners10
Micam Solutions150
Mike Kingswell Bounty Pool10
Minnesota Nice40
Minnesota State Defense Force170
Miscellaneous Services and Quackery40
Mitre Center for Trading and Research90
Moonpack Associates30
Mourning Gradschool180
MT Haulage and Logistic Solutions Inc20
New Eden United Industries10
Noobs Not Allowed50
North East Trading10
Northern Empire Trading9-3
Northland Foundation14-3
Operations Division40
Order of Leibowitz60
Packaging Solutions70
Pagan Knights Of The Ancient Order10
Pan-Galactic Services20
Panala Plague Squad30
Paradigms Lost LLC50
Phoenix Engineering80
Phoenix Rising Incorporated II40
Pom-Pom Hat Industries10
Psychotic Bird INC560
Q Cats Corp a Ration20
Quantum Excarvations50
Radial Orbit Boulder COmpany190
Rampant Sea Anemones60
Random Corp Name HERE10
Rapid Exploration80
Rheingold Industries LTD60
Rose Apothecary40
S Kill Industries150
S R inc190
Scorpions Everywhere80
Seventh Millenium90
Shady Orchards110
Skor Industries80
Slow Haulers Inc10
Snallygaster Inc50
Solanine Inc70
Sons of Achasse151
Sorpentis Transport50
Spacebourne Syndicate40
Sunrunner Galaxy Hauling Services40
Superfluity of Tarshish40
Swift sisters Corporation70
System Disconnect20
Talon Company 501st70
The Crossroads110
The Division Inc.10
The Ghostrider Initiative50
The Green Gryphon20
The Hounds of Love50
The Kroni20
The Sinulf Cypher Fund71
The Talaiot Collective40
The Vampires of Transilvania20
Tori's Toons40
Trent Trading Partners110
Tribble Express30
Tuna Testing Facility190
Umbrian Dawn80
UniSpy Corporation130
United Bird Seed Distributors300
Vagabond Holdings14-1
Verge Vendors20
Vivorant Enterprises30
WalkerCo Dino Ranch70
Whisker Industries60
Whitworth Tax Haven250
Wings Of Strength232
Wretched Little Things40
Za-Lord's Guard40
Zeros Holding120
Zol Pharma Inc.140