Ivy League Alt Alliance

ExecutorEVE University Hall of Residence
Corp Count144


Absolute Atrocity20
Alamari Holdings20
Alaska Native Corp90
Amicus Assemblies60
Andes Development Company120
Ariea's Corp30
Asclepeion Pharmaceuticals140
Astarte Forward Division260
Astra Syndicate80
Astrum Messor Industrius70
Atlas Space Industries340
ATZ Industries Limited60
Bearded Battle Legion110
Bergbau und Transport unter Freunden310
Black Mesa Labratories10
Bluefin Technologies Inc.70
Boneyard Services Inc30
Breadbox Holding Company160
Bronhoff Subsidiaries80
Citizens of Basestar50
Combat Comms250
Creaking Gears40
Cultum Collective20
Custos Legione70
Da Zane Industries50
De Vuijst Diensten en Industrie b.v.60
Divine Misdemeanors120
Donohue Enterprises40
Dragon Moon Rising220
Eagle Claw Holdings60
Echo Jupiter Investments30
Elite SKY Dummies90
Empire Research Division80
enDaire Enterprises50
Endurica Industries150
Erratic Enterprises60
ETA Pravda50
EVE Crystal Warriors20
EVE University Hall of Residence5013
Fallen Ombernauts30
Federal Tax Free Zone80
Firefighter Financial Services60
Free Pantz Conglomerate70
Glip Glop Conglomerates20
GP Logistics50
GR Titans Inc.80
Grungle Scientific Enterprises40
Halsky's Minions110
Hauler and Trader Tax Evasion100
Hooded Nomads LLC40
House Luminarus R and D Foundation50
Houston Hall30
Howitzer Industries60
Hyped Hiker's Hideaway330
In0 Vay-Shun20
Infinitus Praesidium50
Insomniac Dreams70
Ironbound Syndicate50
Ivy League INC Holdings250
Ixx Trading Corporation90
Jam and Stuff50
Keythong Enterprises50
Kiwii Industries351
Liberty and Justice For Each70
Lobesorehauler Corp70
Manticore Inc20
Mathew's many boxed miners10
Micam Solutions160
Mike Kingswell Bounty Pool10
Minnesota Nice40
Minnesota State Defense Force160
Miscellaneous Services and Quackery40
Mitre Center for Trading and Research90
Mourning Gradschool160
MT Haulage and Logistic Solutions Inc20
Myn Industries110
New Eden United Industries10
Noobs Not Allowed40
North East Trading10
Northern Empire Trading70
Operations Division90
Order of Fedo80
Order of Leibowitz100
Overlord Enterprises30
Packaging Solutions60
Pan-Galactic Services20
Paradigms Lost LLC50
Phoenix Engineering80
Phoenix Rising Incorporated II40
Planetary Scythe80
Psychotic Bird INC560
Q Cats Corp a Ration20
Quantum Excarvations50
Radial Orbit Boulder COmpany190
Random Corp Name HERE10
Rapid Exploration80
Rheingold Industries LTD50
S Kill Industries150
S R inc200
Seventh Millenium90
Shady Orchards100
Silver Pony80
Skor Industries100
Slow Haulers Inc10
Snallygaster Inc40
Solanine Inc60
Sorpentis Transport40
Starseed Enterprises30
Superfluity of Tarshish40
Surf and Schlurf Stehcafe40
Swift sisters Corporation70
System Disconnect30
Talon Company 501st70
The Big Naartjie100
The Division Inc.10
The Green Gryphon20
The Kroni20
The Mouse and the Donkey160
The Siafu Clan61
The Vampires of Transilvania20
This Is Happening50
Tori's Toons40
Trent Trading Partners70
Tribble Express40
Tuna Testing Facility190
Umbrian Dawn60
United Bird Seed Distributors310
Verge Vendors20
Vivorant Enterprises30
Voices of Anatole100
Whisker Industries60
Whitworth Tax Haven240
Wings Of Strength123
Wretched Little Things30
Za-Lord's Guard20
Zol Pharma Inc.110