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Corporation Prefix: AVA

corp logoAva Aele Corporation10
corp logoAva Anthar Corporation00
corp logoaVa Corp60
corp logoAVA Corp.40
corp logoAVA Corporation20
corp logoAVA Defence Logistics Organisation00
corp logoAVA Diplomatic Relations00
corp logoAva Grace Industries40
corp logoAVA Industries10
corp logoAva Minig Inc.20
corp logoAVA Mining corp00
corp logoAVA Trade Corp10
corp logoAva-One00
corp logoAva.Dron00
corp logoAva.Dron00
corp logoAva.Dron00
corp logoAva.Dron20
corp logoAVABUM10
corp logoAvacado Industries00
corp logoAvacado Smuggling Syndicate10
corp logoAvacha Co00
corp logoAVACK20
corp logoAvacynth Industries00
corp logoAvada Corporation10
corp logoAvada D.C.10
corp logoAvada Forever00
corp logoAvada Industries20
corp logoAvada Innovations10
corp logoAVADA JE10
corp logoAvada Metalworks00
corp logoAvada Mining00
corp logoAvada Mining and Engineering20
corp logoAvada Trading20
corp logoAvada's Tears00
corp logoAvadah Operations Incorperated00
corp logoAvadah Operations Incorporated00
corp logoAvade Kedavra00
corp logoAvadian Extention00
corp logoAvadon Corporation10
corp logoAvadon.30
corp logoAvaDron00
corp logoAvaDron Inc.00
corp logoAvaganzas Legion20
corp logoAvaha Corporation30
corp logoAvailable Curface00
corp logoAvailable Industrial Scouts20
corp logoAvailable Tactical Mercenaries20
corp logoAvailable Tactical Mercenary00
corp logoavailablegoat00
corp logoAvailed30
corp logoAvair Aerospace00
corp logoAvakand Sparkle Corporation00
corp logoAvakand Sparkle Corporation10
corp logoAvakon Inc.10
corp logoAvala00
corp logoAvalan Empire00
corp logoavalance mining corp10
corp logoAvalanche .00
corp logoAvalanche Applied Sciences20
corp logoAvalanche Banking Institute00
corp logoAvalanche co.50
corp logoAvalanche Corp00
corp logoAvalanche Corp00
corp logoAvalanche Corp00
corp logoAvalanche Effect20
corp logoAvalanche Effect Holding60
corp logoAvalanche Elite10
corp logoAvalanche Enterprises30
corp logoAvalanche Fleet20
corp logoAvalanche Holding Company00
corp logoAvalanche Inc00
corp logoAvalanche Inc20
corp logoAvalanche Inc. - Phoenix Wing00
corp logoAvalanche Incorporated00
corp logoAvalanche Industrial Enterprises80
corp logoAvalanche Industries10
corp logoAvalanche Industries00
corp logoAVALANCHE Insurgency10
corp logoAvalanche International Inc.00
corp logoAvalanche Military Services00
corp logoAvalanche Mining and Refining INC.10
corp logoAvalanche Mining Corp.00
corp logoAvalanche Mining Corporation50
corp logoAvalanche Mining Industries00
corp logoAVALANCHE Reborn10
corp logoAvalanche Resistance Society70
corp logoAvalanche Riders will Storm Anything10
corp logoAvalanche Rising00
corp logoAvalanche Risk Control Services10
corp logoAVALANCHE terrorist group50
corp logoavalanche Trading Company00
corp logoAvalanche Wing00
corp logoAvalanche XIII40
corp logoAvalanche.00
corp logoAvalanche.00
corp logoAvalanche.138-3
corp logoAvalanche.00
corp logoAvalancheRU10
corp logoAvaleiria Inc.10
corp logoAvalerion00
corp logoAvalhar and Tsero Enterprises20
corp logoAvalhar Designs30
corp logoAvalhar Evotori Corporation10
corp logoAvalhar Logistics60
corp logoAvalhar Munitions00
corp logoAvalina Yazria Corporation00
corp logoAvalinoum Corporation10
corp logoAvalion Technologies Inc.00
corp logoAvalllon00
corp logoAvallon Assemblies Ind.00
corp logoAvallon mining30
corp logoAvallons Guards10
corp logoAvalokiteshavara00
corp logoAvalokitesvara bodhisattva Corp30
corp logoAvalon Advanced Research and Development10
corp logoAvalon Advanced Research and Development Group00
corp logoAvalon Ascendant00
corp logoAvalon Bankers Union00
corp logoAvalon Belt Mining Corporation00
corp logoAvalon Castle90
corp logoAvalon Celestial Empire40
corp logoAvalon Co.00
corp logoAvalon Co.00
corp logoAvalon Combat10
corp logoAvalon Construction Technologies100
corp logoAvalon corp00
corp logoAVALON CORP00
corp logoAvalon Corp00
corp logoAvalon Corp.00
corp logoAvalon Corp.10
corp logoAvalon Corporation20
corp logoAvalon Creative00
corp logoAvalon Crusaders40
corp logoAVALON Dictorium20
corp logoAvalon Empire40
corp logoAvalon Enterprise00
corp logoAvalon Enterprises00
corp logoAvalon Executive Solutions Inc20
corp logoAvalon Explorers20
corp logoAvalon Explorers co.00
corp logoAvalon Field Services10
corp logoAvalon Flying Circus620
corp logoAvalon Galactic Enterprises20
corp logoAvalon Gankidama20
corp logoAvalon group.10
corp logoAvalon Guardians00
corp logoAvalon Guards240
corp logoAvalon Heal00
corp logoAvalon Holdings10
corp logoAvalon INC10
corp logoAvalon INC.10
corp logoAvalon Inc.00
corp logoAvalon incorperated00
corp logoAvalon Incorporated00
corp logoAvalon Incorporated00
corp logoAvalon Independents00
corp logoAvalon Industrial Corporation10
corp logoAvalon Industrials10
corp logoAvalon Industries180
corp logoAvalon Industries.00
corp logoAvalon Industry00
corp logoAvalon Interprises00
corp logoAvalon Investments Inc00
corp logoAvalon Lettuce60
corp logoavalon LTD00
corp logoAvalon LTD00
corp logoAvalon Mining and Production Corporation20
corp logoAvalon Mining Incorporated10
corp logoAvalon Misfits10
corp logoAVALON Net Works60
corp logoAvalon Omni Corp00
corp logoAvalon ORE90
corp logoAvalon Phoenix Corporation10
corp logoAvalon Privateers130
corp logoAvalon Productions40
corp logoAvalon Project590
corp logoAvalon Rare Metals30
corp logoAvalon Redline STAR Holdings30
corp logoAvalon Research LLC170
corp logoAvalon Revolution50
corp logoAvalon Risen00
corp logoAvalon Rising10
corp logoAvalon RnD Technologies00
corp logoAvalon Roxon00
corp logoAvalon RU Corporation10
corp logoAvalon RUS Corporation30
corp logoAvalon Sectors10
corp logoAvalon Secure Industries10
corp logoAvalon Securities and Provisions10
corp logoAvalon Securities Inc. LLC00
corp logoAvalon Security00
corp logoAvalon Security00
corp logoAvalon Security Interests00
corp logoAvalon Shipyards10
corp logoAvalon Space Exploration00
corp logoAvalon Support30
corp logoAvalon Systems20
corp logoAvalon Tech20
corp logoAvalon Technologies110
corp logoAvalon technologies inc.10
corp logoAvalon Templaris10
corp logoAvalon Vanguard00
corp logoAvalon WP2 Technologies20
corp logoAvalon's Army Corp60
corp logoAvalon's Ascent00
corp logoAvalon's Birth00
corp logoAvalon's Forge90
corp logoAvalon's Guard00
corp logoAvalon's Retirement190
corp logoAvalon's Werewolves70
corp logoAvalon.120
corp logoAvalon191100
corp logoAVALONE 51420
corp logoAvalonia Corp.30
corp logoAvalonian Industrial Enterprises30
corp logoAvalonian Vanguards Incorporated30
corp logoAvalonians United130
corp logoAvalons heirs30
corp logoAvalons mercenaries10
corp logoAvalons workmen00
corp logoAvalost.00
corp logoAvan-Guard00

corp logoAvance Coalition00
corp logoAvance inc.10
corp logoAvanced Industry Management00
corp logoAvane C31100
corp logoAvangard 1g Corporation00
corp logoAvangard company00
corp logoAvangard God10
corp logoAVANGARD Ind.00
corp logoAvangard of the Empire20
corp logoAvangard.10
corp logoAvanger Angels00
corp logoAvaniel00
corp logoAvanLegion00
corp logoAvanLegion00
corp logoAvanLegion00
corp logoAVANPOST30
corp logoAvant corporation10
corp logoAvant Garde AFK industrys00
corp logoAvant Garde AFK industrys inc00
corp logoAvant Garde Industries40
corp logoAvant Garde Templars00
corp logoAvant guarde of a devil10
corp logoAvant Protectorate00
corp logoAvant Technologies10
corp logoAvant-Garde00
corp logoAvant-Garde50
corp logoAvant-Garde Battle Monks00
corp logoAvant-Garde Co.00
corp logoAvant-garde Coercionary Force00
corp logoAvant-Garde Command00
corp logoAvant-Garde Corsair's00
corp logoAvant-Garde Enterprises00
corp logoAvant-Garde Monastery00
corp logoAvantae00
corp logoAvante Camaradas00
corp logoAvante Frontier Solutions Inc.20
corp logoAvante Guarde00
corp logoAvantek Manufacturing and Mining Inc00
corp logoAvantgarde Corporation00
corp logoAvantgarde Enja00
corp logoAvantgarde Ltd.00
corp logoAvantgarde Ltd.00
corp logoAvantgarde of Hell10
corp logoAvanti Dilettanti40
corp logoAvanti Industrial00
corp logoAvanti Industries00
corp logoAvanti Research20
corp logoAvantir20
corp logoAvantis Capsuleer Technologies10
corp logoAvanzare00
corp logoAvanzare20
corp logoAvApsi's Gh3y Dancing Corp00
corp logoAvapxia Arch00
corp logoAvar and Neph Ind.00
corp logoAvar Systems00
corp logoAvara Company00
corp logoAvara Heavy Industries80
corp logoAvaranze00
corp logoAvaranze50
corp logoAvari10
corp logoAvari Alternative Research Inc.00
corp logoAvari Solutions00
corp logoAvari.00
corp logoAvari.00
corp logoAvari.70
corp logoAvaria Exploration80
corp logoAvarice Brotherhood00
corp logoAvarice Capital Holdings00
corp logoAvarice Corp.10
corp logoAvarice Corporation20
corp logoAvarice D.C.20
corp logoAvarice Defense Industries20
corp logoAvarice Doctrine10
corp logoAvarice Engine20
corp logoAvarice Holdings Inc.10
corp logoAvarice in SPACE100
corp logoAvarice Inc.90
corp logoAvarice Incorporated00
corp logoAvarice Industries10
corp logoAvarice Interstellar00
corp logoAvarice Investments00
corp logoAvarice Machina Mining Incorporated30
corp logoAvarice Minds Consortium00
corp logoAvarice Mining00
corp logoAvarice Mining Inc00
corp logoAvarice Unbounded10
corp logoAvarice Unlimited00
corp logoAvarice Unlimited00
corp logoAvarice.00
corp logoAvaricious Beings Corp.00
corp logoAvaricious Corporation00
corp logoAvaricious Crustaceans50
corp logoAvaricious Holding70
corp logoAvaricus Imporium Scentenial00
corp logoAvaritia Corporation10
corp logoAvaritia Gula00
corp logoAvaritia Inc50
corp logoAvaritia Industria00
corp logoAvaritia Industries00
corp logoAvaritia Industries00
corp logoAvaritia Industries00
corp logoAvaritia Industries00
corp logoAvaritia Industries00
corp logoAvaritia interstellar00
corp logoAvaritia Tradings00
corp logoAvaritia.00
corp logoAvaritiae Artifex00
corp logoAvaritic Provenance00
corp logoAvarius Family50
corp logoAvarizia Inc.30
corp logoAvaron Corp30
corp logoAvarrec Altol Corporation10
corp logoAvars of the Outer Ring10
corp logoAvaruaAvarua00
corp logoAvarus Diptera Industries40
corp logoAvarus Enterprises00
corp logoAvarus Hauling20
corp logoAvaruuden Nahkapojat OY30
corp logoAvaruus Union00
corp logoAvaruuskakka20
corp logoAvaruuskultuuri-virasto00
corp logoAvaruuslaivanrakentajat Oyj60
corp logoAvaruusoliot10
corp logoAvaruusromut00
corp logoAVAS Corp10
corp logoAvasben Corp10
corp logoAvaskos113
corp logoavast inventions Corp10
corp logoAvastar Corporation00
corp logoAvastar Inc00
corp logoavastbutt Corp00
corp logoAvastha20
corp logoAvatar and Leviathan Empire00
corp logoavatar and tpau only00
corp logoAvatar Appreciation Society20
corp logoAvatar Cartel190
corp logoAvatar Constructs inc.40
corp logoAvatar Corp30
corp logoAvatar Corporacion Espacial00
corp logoAvatar Corporation20
corp logoAvatar Dynasty00
corp logoAvatar Dynasty140
corp logoAVATAR DYNASTY 210
corp logoAvatar Foundation00
corp logoAvatar Heavy Industries320
corp logoAvatar Holding Corp10
corp logoAvatar Holdings00
corp logoAvatar Inc10
corp logoavatar inc.10
corp logoAvatar Industrial Holdings00
corp logoAvatar Industries20
corp logoAvatar Industries00
corp logoAvatar Industries00
corp logoAvatar Innovations20
corp logoAvatar Innovations00
corp logoAvatar Innovations00
corp logoAvatar Klusterkorp80
corp logoAvatar Knights10
corp logoAvatar Manufacturing00
corp logoAvatar Mining Center110
corp logoAvatar Mining Corp120
corp logoAvatar Mining Inc.30
corp logoAvatar of Chaos10
corp logoAvatar of Deity00
corp logoAvatar of Discord00
corp logoAvatar of Future00
corp logoAvatar of Sunrise20
corp logoAvatar Prothean00
corp logoAvatar Reloaded00
corp logoAvatar Reloaded00
corp logoAvatar Reloaded00
corp logoAvatar Research00
corp logoAvatar Research00
corp logoAvatar Research Department00
corp logoAvatar Rising20
corp logoAvatar Society00
corp logoAvatar Solutions00
corp logoAvatar Solutions180
corp logoAvatar Storm00
corp logoAvatar Technologies50
corp logoAvatar Union20
corp logoAvatar vs guri10
corp logoAvatar's Fur Trader70
corp logoAvatar's of Discord00
corp logoAvatar's of Discord00
corp logoAvatar's of Discord10
corp logoAvatar's Rest10
corp logoAvatar's Unrest20
corp logoAvatar-Defence Corp00
corp logoAvatare des Krieges10
corp logoAvatarrwar00
corp logoAvatars of Amarria10
corp logoAvatars of Bhaal.00
corp logoAvatars of Bhaal.10
corp logoAvatars of Chaos00
corp logoAvatars of Death00
corp logoAvatars Of Destruction110
corp logoAvatars of Discord40
corp logoAvatars of Doom50
corp logoAvatars of Elysia Inc.10
corp logoAvatars of EvE30
corp logoAvatars of EVE00
corp logoAvatars of Honor50
corp logoAvatars of Klagenfurt10
corp logoAvatars of Mayhem00
corp logoAvatars of Might00
corp logoAvatars of Might30
corp logoAvatars Of Norrath00
corp logoAvatars Of Norrath40
corp logoAvatars of Ore80
corp logoAvatars of The 10th Order00
corp logoAvatars of the Jove100
corp logoAvatars of the Primal Ascension230
corp logoAvatars of Vana'diel10
corp logoAvatars Reloaded70
corp logoAvatech20
corp logoAVATEK Ind.20
corp logoAvatha Corp30
corp logoAvaThrill Solutions50
corp logoAvathron Industries00
corp logoAvathron Industries00
corp logoAvation WMU30
corp logoAvatris Sekundante50
corp logoAvaunce Consortium10
corp logoAvave30
corp logoAvaxacom Inc.10

Any pilots, corporations, or alliances that relate to actual people or entities are purely coincidental.
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