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Alliance Prefix: P

alli logoP A T H Fcks Horses00
alli logoP I R A T22645
alli logoP I R A T E S00
alli logoP O D60
alli logoP O L A R I S270
alli logoP O W E R G R I D00
alli logoP R I M E10
alli logoP-A-T-R-I-O-T-S594-29
alli logoP.O.N.I00
alli logoP0WER 0F TW000
alli logoP1MP My Wormhole59-1
alli logoPaamayim Republic00
alli logoPacific Mining Alliance00
alli logoPacifists At Work00
alli logoPack Rat's Alliance00
alli logoPage Family Alliance40
alli logoPaisti Syndicate700
alli logoPaladins Inc.00
alli logoPaleolithic.00
alli logoPalit's Alliance00
alli logoPan Galactic Federation00
alli logoPan Intergalactic Business Community.00
alli logoPan-Intergalatic Business Community2,848-30
alli logoPANCAKES.50
alli logoPanda Cave711
alli logoPanda Supremacy00
alli logoPanda Team.00
alli logoPandaemonium Enterprises170
alli logoPandamimic Legion90
alli logoPandas McLegion00
alli logoPandas McLegion30
alli logoPandemic Horde15,353-443
alli logoPandemic Legion2,702-61
alli logoPandemic Plague00
alli logoPandenic Lefion00
alli logoPandenic Lefion40
alli logoPandora Hearts560
alli logoPandora Trade Alliance00
alli logoPandora's-Box00
alli logoPandorum Invictus00
alli logoPandorum Invictus00
alli logoPandorum Invictus30
alli logoPangu Coalition00
alli logoPangu University00
alli logoPanic Attack.367-8
alli logoPanic Legion - Please don't shoot00
alli logoPanic.00
alli logoPanty Dropper's00
alli logoPanzer Blitzkrieg.00
alli logoPaper Alliance00
alli logoPaper Planes Alliance00
alli logoPaper Planes Alliance22-1
alli logoPaper Tiger Coalition2250
alli logoPaper Tigers.00
alli logoParabellum Holdings Inc10694
alli logoParadigm Defence00
alli logoParadigm Shift Alliance00
alli logoParadigm Shift Alliance00
alli logoParadigm.00
alli logoParadise Players00
alli logoParadox Alliance00
alli logoParadox Initiative00
alli logoParadox Trust00
alli logoParadox United60
alli logoParadoxium00
alli logoParadoXon Alliance00
alli logoParagon Aerospace140
alli logoParagons Of Virtue122-1
alli logoParallax Error.320
alli logoParallax.00
alli logoParanoia.00
alli logoParanoid Angels00
alli logoParanoid Beavers150-1
alli logoParasitic Legion.491
alli logoParental Control Advised60
alli logoParental Supervision.00
alli logoPartisanen170-1
alli logoPartners of Industrial Service and Salvage00
alli logoParty Next Door00
alli logoParty Poopers.00
alli logoPasta Syndicate00
alli logoPatchwork Industries00
alli logoPater Mortis00
alli logoPath of Destruction.00
alli logoPath of the Spirit Wolf00
alli logoPator Tech240
alli logoPatrician Space Incorporation Holding Alliance00
alli logoPatriot Alliance240
alli logoPatriots of New Eden00
alli logoPaul Brightstar Mining and Manufacturing Alliance00
alli logoPaws Down - Tails Up90
alli logoPax Bisonica00
alli logoPax Bisonica20
alli logoPax Concord Protectorate Zone00
alli logoPax Romana Alliance00
alli logoPaxton Federation00
alli logoPAY 0R DIE10
alli logoPayment Required00
alli logoPC Delta00
alli logoPeace and Profit50
alli logoPeaceful Industrialists10
alli logoPeacekeepers of High-Sec00
alli logoPeacemakers. Coalition1480
alli logoPen Is Out378-7
alli logoPen Island Pens00
alli logoPendragon.00
alli logoPendulum of Doom10
alli logoPenguin Liberation Organization30
alli logoPenguin Mafia.68-1
alli logoPenguins with lasorz310
alli logoPentair00
alli logoPenumbra Alliance00
alli logoPeople in Lousy Ships50
alli logoPeople Who Annoy You90
alli logoPeople with to much isk00
alli logoPeople's Liberation Alliance00
alli logoPeople's Liberation Alliance10
alli logoPeoples of the North00
alli logoPeoples United Republic Empire00
alli logoPeoples United Republic Empire00
alli logoPeoples United Republic Empire00
alli logoPer Flamma Exorior00
alli logoPercy Got No Mercy00
alli logoPeregrine Nation270
alli logoPeregrinus Senatus de Amarr00
alli logoPerfect Dark40
alli logoPerigee Alliance00
alli logoPerihelion Alliance160
alli logoPermanent Mental Syndrome280
alli logoPermanent Transience1792
alli logoPernicious Intent70
alli logoPerpetuaI Motion00
alli logoPerpetual Alliance50
alli logoPersona Non Gratis00
alli logoPest Control Union260
alli logoPetition Blizzard00
alli logoPew Pew Delivery Service00
alli logoPhage and Terror744
alli logoPHAL4NX00
alli logoPhalanx Alliance00
alli logoPhalanx Federation00
alli logoPhalanx Federation00
alli logoPhalanx Mercenary Solutions90
alli logoPhantasm Capital20
alli logoPhantasma Alliance00
alli logoPhantom Armada00
alli logoPhantom Fleet33-2
alli logoPhantom Light Alliance20
alli logoPhantom-Recon1321
alli logoPhantom.10
alli logoPhase One Enterprises34-1
alli logoPhaseShift00
alli logoPhenix Rising20
alli logoPhobia.00
alli logoPhobos Alliance00
alli logoPhoebe Freeport Republic850
alli logoPhoenicis Adductius00
alli logoPhoenix Armada00
alli logoPhoenix Awakening00
alli logoPhoenix Company Alliance33-2
alli logoPhoenix Financial Enterprises00
alli logoPhoenix Naval Systems322-3
alli logoPhoenix Pact00
alli logoPhoenix Provisions00
alli logoPhoenix Revolution Republic30
alli logoPhoenix Virtue00
alli logoPhules Privateers120
alli logoPhylogenesis00
alli logoPick Up The Soap00
alli logoPigships2520
alli logoPilgrims of Dune00
alli logoPiloting Modestly00
alli logoPilots of Darkness Alliance00
alli logoPimbekan Mining Coalition00
alli logoPimebeka Military Conglomerate00
alli logoPina Colada Armada00
alli logoPinch Harmonics United30
alli logoPing Federation00
alli logoPing Federation100
alli logoPink Gold and Blood Diamonds30
alli logoPinked00
alli logoPinnacle Federation00
alli logoPioneer Alliance00
alli logoPipe Dream Consortium80
alli logoPipe Hiiters Union00
alli logoPipe Jumpers Consortium281
alli logoPIRANHA.00
alli logoPiranhas ate my fluffy toy00

alli logoPiranhas Nation10
alli logoPirate Coalition320
alli logoPirate GB00
alli logoPirate Nation.00
alli logoPirate Nation.230
alli logoPirate Republic00
alli logoPiratencorp INC Alliance00
alli logoPitch Black Legion50
alli logoPitchfork Uprising00
alli logoPITW13-3
alli logoPixels Empire00
alli logoPIXIU 99900
alli logoPizi Industrial and Zience INC Alliance50
alli logoPizza of the hut00
alli logoPKing Since Pong140
alli logoPlace under the Sun00
alli logoPlacid Consortium00
alli logoPlan B Committee00
alli logoPlanetary Intercourse Recovery00
alli logoPlantagenet Arms00
alli logoPlantagenet Arms431
alli logoPLAT0ON Alliance00
alli logoPlated.00
alli logoPLATF0RM40
alli logoPlay Hard Pray Harder00
alli logoPlease Ignore.00
alli logoPleasure Syndicate00
alli logoPlerion170
alli logoPlexodus110
alli logoPlucky Adventurers00
alli logoplugging holes00
alli logoPLUR.00
alli logoPlutocratic Solidarity of Dipshits00
alli logoPNG Associates00
alli logoPoco Loco Trading Inc.00
alli logoPod Pilots Alliance150
alli logoPod Water Smells Funny00
alli logoPOD-SQUAD00
alli logoPoint Blank Alliance00
alli logoPoint of Dispute111
alli logoPoitot Liberation Army00
alli logoPoitot Liberation Army00
alli logoPoksu Mineral Group Alliance00
alli logoPoland Can Into Space550
alli logoPolar Splendour00
alli logoPolarbears.10
alli logoPolaris Mercenary Alliance760
alli logoPolarised10
alli logoPolarized.00
alli logoPolarized.00
alli logoPolished and Ported10
alli logoPolishswarm2-1
alli logoPolonium INC.00
alli logoPondorium00
alli logoPony Strippers00
alli logoPony Strippers00
alli logoPoonswarm Federation20
alli logoPoopstain Removal Team00
alli logoPoorjoy Asylum00
alli logoPopulus Alternis Conglomeratus330
alli logoPork and Hammer70
alli logoPorkpie Active00
alli logoPornwaffe Federation00
alli logoPORT BLADES00
alli logoPortal INC00
alli logoPositron Robots00
alli logoPosse Patrol10
alli logoPost Industrial Federation00
alli logoPOST Industrial Mining Haven00
alli logopowder Tsutola Corporation Alliance00
alli logoPower Absolute Inc.20
alli logoPower Projection.00
alli logoPowerDucks Alliance1780
alli logoPOWERED.00
alli logoPoxer Face00
alli logoPraefectus Cohortis00
alli logoPraetoria Imperialis Excubitoris870
alli logoPraetorian Directorate180
alli logoPraetorium.00
alli logoPraetorium.00
alli logopre32210
alli logoPreachers Of Dream120
alli logoPreatoriani226-1
alli logoPredatory Instincts190
alli logoPrelium Ultima00
alli logoPrelium Ultima380
alli logoPremium Asylum Alliance20
alli logoPrepare to be Boarded00
alli logoPrestige Mode90
alli logoPretend it's a Plan00
alli logoPride - Honor - Duty40
alli logoPride Before Fall00
alli logoPrima Communitas.00
alli logoPrimal Ascendancy00
alli logoPrimal Force20
alli logoPrimal Noise280
alli logoPrimarch.00
alli logoPrimary.1430
alli logoPrime Orbital Systems00
alli logoPrime Orbital Systems00
alli logoPrimordial Chaos00
alli logoPrimus Federation00
alli logoPrimus Federation00
alli logoPrisoners of Tartarus00
alli logoPrivate Label80
alli logoPRIVATE MINING CLUB Alliance00
alli logoPrivateer Alliance00
alli logoPROBABLE CAUSE190
alli logoProcurement Services Conglomerate00
alli logoProdigal Alliance00
alli logoProdigy Alliance00
alli logoProfessional Logistics00
alli logoProfessional Logistics130
alli logoProficiency V.510
alli logoProfiteers.200
alli logoProject Anti-Partisan00
alli logoProject Darkness.00
alli logoProject Darkstar00
alli logoProject Harvest00
alli logoProject Immersion00
alli logoPROJECT MAYH3M00
alli logoProject Mayhem.00
alli logoProject Vashkryaba770
alli logoProject Wildfire1040
alli logoProject.Mayhem.00
alli logoProjekt Daedalus00
alli logoProlapse.00
alli logoPromethean Alliance00
alli logoPromethean Confederation00
alli logoPromethean Nation00
alli logoPromethean Overlords.20
alli logoPrometheus Allegiance100
alli logoPrometheus Alliance10
alli logoPropane Nightmares00
alli logoProperty Management Solutions00
alli logoProperty of Negative-Impact00
alli logoProspectors Special00
alli logoProsper Investment Bank10
alli logoProsper Systems00
alli logoProsperity.280
alli logoProtean Concept00
alli logoProthean Aliiance00
alli logoProthean Alliance6356
alli logoProtocol 1300
alli logoProtocol One00
alli logoProton-Enhanced Nuclear Induction Spectroscopy.00
alli logoProtoStar Federation00
alli logoProuentibus Bob00
alli logoProvidence Initiative00
alli logoProvidence Initiative00
alli logoProvoke.00
alli logoProxima Centauri Alliance780
alli logoPsijics00
alli logoPsychedelic Dream00
alli logoPsycho Unicorn Squad00
alli logoPsycho Unicorn Squad430
alli logoPsychological Meltdown00
alli logoPsychosomatic.00
alli logoPsychotic Alliance00
alli logoPsychotic Tendencies.1400
alli logoPublic Disorder.40
alli logoPublic Indecency00
alli logoPublic-Enemy190
alli logoPublic.Disorder.00
alli logoPulsar Heavy Industries00
alli logoPulsar Prime00
alli logoPun Legion00
alli logoPun Legion00
alli logoPunch Drunk Lemmings160
alli logoPunkz 'n Monkeys230
alli logoPure Blind Cartel320
alli logoPure Caldari00
alli logoPure Madness.00
alli logoPurgatory Alliance00
alli logoPURgE Alliance00
alli logoPurge Protocol10
alli logoPurple Legion00
alli logoPurpose Built610
alli logoPush Interstellar Network00
alli logoPush Interstellar Network421
alli logoPVP Therapy Ward00
alli logoPVRGATORIE.00
alli logopwn-O-graphy1630
alli logoPwnasaurus.20
alli logoPyramidustries00
alli logoPyre Falcon Defence Combine00

Any pilots, corporations, or alliances that relate to actual people or entities are purely coincidental.
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