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Name:Goonswarm Federation
Avg. Sec.:1.6
7 Day Delta:-192
Activity:Extremely Active
Exec. Corp:DJ's Retirement Fund
# Corps:611
Last Updated: 2019-04-19 18:12:51 | 1354830081

corp logo1. I Get Laid 2. I Post Good241.00
corp logo161st Special Operations Regiment70.80
corp logo30plus3292.86
corp logo4M Logistics20.00
corp logo4Minute102.80
corp logo4S Corporation3731.90
corp logo4Watch17-0.10
corp logo5B Shipyards240.00
corp logoA Corporation Full Of Disrespect100.00
corp logoAbkrakadabar60.70
corp logoAbyssal Enchanters Guild70.40
corp logoAdeste22.50
corp logoAdult Shop10.00
corp logoAdvanced Enlightenment Enforcers20.10
corp logoAegis Bureau Industry62.20
corp logoAegis Corporation30.00
corp logoAffenjungs Inc70-0.10
corp logoAffronting Discretion41.30
corp logoAgrippa Associates50.00
corp logoAgrixi Industries131.20
corp logoAlign to your dreams50.00
corp logoAll Hallows Eve.50.20
corp logoAll your moon are belong to us13-0.50
corp logoAlliance Titan Builders30.00
corp logoAlmost Miners92.80
corp logoAlpacaWaffe71.30
corp logoAm0k.60.00
corp logoAmalgamation120.00
corp logoAmok.6062.07
corp logoAngelus.Mortis2431.2-8
corp logoAngelus.Mortis Holdings20.00
corp logoAnomic Force350.41
corp logoAntex Innovations141.80
corp logoAntiphonic Faucets70.10
corp logoAperture Industries Inc.141.40
corp logoArctic Reclamation Services and Engineering10.10
corp logoArmy of Troje10.00
corp logoArtemis Global Industrie.151.00
corp logoAscendance1,3122.1-4
corp logoAscendance Buyback3-0.10
corp logoAscendance Holdings50.30
corp logoAsha' Man Corp91.40
corp logoAssistance And Recovery80.10
corp logoAssociation of Commonwealth Enterprises1851.90
corp logoAsteroid Bumping Memorial Corporation10.00
corp logoAstrosemite Heavy Industries51.50
corp logoAtomic Battle Badgers100.70
corp logoAtwater Capital110.90
corp logoB3AST MODE Holdings20.00
corp logoBadgers Brain Goo and Loans340.20
corp logoBag Drop20.00
corp logoBalanced Mooning20.00
corp logoBalanced Unity3132.19
corp logoBalkan Kings2412.53
corp logoBalkan Moon Holdings10.00
corp logoBandrix Rockjaw Corp160.90
corp logoBe As Black As You Can Be31.10
corp logoBecause The Internet191.20
corp logoBespoke Spacefaring Apparatus And Accessories51.00
corp logoBGArmy10.00
corp logoBIA Refuge352.50
corp logoBlack Aces2221.5-4
corp logoBlack Aces Industry Division10.00
corp logoBlack Horde Legion Coalitoin Galaxy.........Dot20.00
corp logoBLACK SQUADRON.1642.27
corp logoBlack Star Rebellion90.40
corp logoBlackhand Industry LLC101.54
corp logoBlacksun Trading Corporation100.00
corp logoBlackwater Company41.20
corp logoBlackwater Task Forces2982.00
corp logoBlazecorp110.00
corp logoBobys Knueppeltruppe7-0.10
corp logoBotanical Dimensions300.40
corp logoBOVRIL bOREers Mining CO-OP3702.1-6
corp logoBuilding Your Play Toys Inc80.90
corp logoBUTTECORP INC30.00
corp logoC0VENIACY610.40
corp logoC8N8O162441.40
corp logoCap's Hostile Alliance Supercap Sales3-0.10
corp logoCapital Industrial V180.00
corp logoCaprinae Ocean70.40
corp logoCasual Resolute Elegant Wise and Witty50.01
corp logoCat Capitals150.20
corp logoCBC Alternatywy 470.00
corp logoCBC FORGE21.80
corp logoCBC Industry Engagement131.80
corp logoCBC Interstellar4772.42
corp logoCentral Military Commission20.00
corp logoChanuur360.40
corp logoChemiKals3352.4-2
corp logoChesterblade Holding30.00
corp logoCincy Style Chili40.00
corp logoCloaked Goof1361.711
corp logoCloud Services Corporation160.00
corp logoCoiled Spring Inc61.30
corp logoCold Trade190.1-1
corp logoCompleXion Industries300.30
corp logoCorellian Engineering Corp LLC180.90
corp logoCorporation Danmark Heavy Industry40.00
corp logoCountry House2062.43
corp logoCounty Dispatch Heroes10.00
corp logoCrimson Tide Inc.51.00
corp logoCrown Mineworks190.50
corp logoCRUZADOS6442.28
corp logoCryoGen Industries90.20
corp logoCryoTech Industries150.50
corp logoCuddleswarm3-0.10
corp logoCuervos Imperiales1182.51
corp logoCyno Inc. Reactions80.00
corp logoCynosural Delivery Services13-0.50
corp logoCynosural Surveillance Services360.31
corp logoD and R Moon Mining Collective20.00
corp logoDaggoth. INC12.60
corp logoDakota Logistics Systems1-0.30
corp logoDark Crown Inc20.20
corp logoDarkmoon Military Industrial Complex2332.110
corp logoDarkwing Investments50.00
corp logoDarts Bits Indy8-0.10
corp logoDawn's House of Pain230.30
corp logoDead Cyclops Memorial152.30
corp logoDead Man Ops90.00
corp logoDebitum Naturae1372.2-5
corp logoDeep in your safe7-0.30
corp logoDeep Space Conquerors6252.84
corp logoDeep Space Extraction112.50
corp logoDeep Space Holders10.00
corp logoDeep Structure Industries10.00
corp logoDefinition of the End50.60
corp logoDeklein Child Labor Union20.70
corp logoDeklein Maze Runners400.50
corp logoDelve Moon Rentals4-0.20
corp logoDelve West Eve Company92.30
corp logoDepartment of ISK Procurement50.00
corp logoDerivative Inertia Celestial Kelvin Systems1-0.30
corp logoDeus Vult Industries120.30
corp logoDevilish Kloc80.60
corp logoDie VierKleur90.90
corp logoDies Lustricus123.80
corp logoDisco Holdings50.00
corp logoDiscoverings1742.1-1
corp logoDistrict Industries Centre10.00
corp logoDixin Buttes Goo Injection Services2-0.60
corp logoDJ's Retirement Fund36-0.50
corp logoDo Know Harm90.00
corp logoDon't Let Daddy Know22.50
corp logoDrakkar.Noir50.50
corp logoDreidel Droppers33.40
corp logoDrwaloseksualne Bobry72.00
corp logoDTG Capitals300.40
corp logoDuragon Pioneer Group73.60
corp logoDynamic Enterprises170.30
corp logoDynamic Holdings140.00
corp logoEagleCorp20.30
corp logoEchelon Infrastructure Holdings70.10
corp logoEchelon Research2742.017
corp logoEcho Legion221.10
corp logoEclipse Pulsar2452.27
corp logoEclipse Pulsar Holding20.00
corp logoEffort Inc20.00
corp logoEighty Joule Brewery272.00
corp logoEikonometrics131.00
corp logoEin Kaefig voller Helden.30.20
corp logoEjnar Holding110.71
corp logoEl Ultimo Hombre2171.93
corp logoElora Industries260.60
corp logoEmergent Dynamic7-0.50
corp logoEnigma Tech and Space Ventures80.00
corp logoEnlightened Globe70.70
corp logoEnlightened Industries1951.7-3
corp logoEnlightened Structures80.60
corp logoEpsilon rho rho20.80
corp logoEquestria Rangers450.10
corp logoErotic Toys Industries20.00
corp logoEselwaffe21.50
corp logoEternal Sunshine.171.60
corp logoEternity INC.1932.32
corp logoEuphausiidae Industries50.00
corp logoEve Ship Building Inc.231.40
corp logoEVE-RO1352.22
corp logoEve.Sell40.20
corp logoExoProtectorate60.00
corp logoExotic Moon Mining Technologies20.00
corp logoExploration Enterprises14-0.10
corp logoExtremely Frequent Failures Inc.82.70
corp logoF3AR Industrial Holdings131.20
corp logoFair in Love and War51.90
corp logoFalcoes Peregrinos1032.10
corp logoFarmers of Miners52.00
corp logoFatt Hogs Corp70.30
corp logoFederal Fleet Supply16-0.20
corp logoFelony.30.00
corp logoFink Operations1861.9-1
corp logoFinnish Space Armory201.00
corp logoFinnish Space Jaegers1772.20
corp logoFittetryne Heavy Industries70.00
corp logoFlea Corp6-0.40
corp logoFlightless Birds Appreciation Station101.50
corp logoFoggy Bottom Production60.80
corp logoFourier Transform of Love15-0.43
corp logoFQ Industries144.00
corp logoFrackwell Industries40.00
corp logoFrankie Buelle Corporation10.00
corp logoFreeside Research20.00
corp logoFroody Goons Spaceship Business72.00
corp logoFroosh INC.1272.8-1
corp logoFury Incorporated90.00
corp logoFY Industry191.10
corp logoGabber Mining Inc.270.30
corp logoGay4Jay.Club1-0.10
corp logoGBS Logistics and Fives Support12-0.90
corp logoGenerals Of Destruction Syndicate1632.2-8
corp logoGentlepersons Traders and Industry Collective191.90
corp logoGepidae Space Division30.00
corp logoGinger Industrial Solutions140.70
corp logoGirgi Junk and Stuff90.00
corp logoGladius Veritatis803.40
corp logoGo Foxtrot Yourself Logistics10.00
corp logoGo get a whisky31.70
corp logoGolden Profession390.60
corp logoGOMERS Never Die52.20
corp logoGoonCorp15-1.00
corp logoGoonFleet.10.00
corp logoGooniversity150.00
corp logoGoonswarm Office of General Counsel6-0.40
corp logoGoonWaffe1,7361.65
corp logoGoonWaffe Bootcamp6-0.40
corp logoGooseberry Minions30.00
corp logoGreatWallOfGoondor110.00
corp logoGreatWallOfGoondor210.00
corp logoGreatWallOfGoondor310.00
corp logoGreatWallOfGoondor410.00
corp logoGreatWallOfGoondor510.00
corp logoGreatWallOfGoondor610.00
corp logoGrinding Gears Industries20.00
corp logoHanka Precision Instruments60.00
corp logoHanzo expeditions20.00
corp logoHarbinger Heavy Industry81.00
corp logoharlyq syrokos investment station292.00
corp logoHasra and Meats House of Noms110.6-1
corp logoHeads or Tails LLC131.50
corp logoHECorp70.40
corp logoHeda Shipyards520.10
corp logoHel.inc22-0.10
corp logoHi-PDA10.00
corp logoHikina Whakatutuki5-1.50
corp logoHogyoku4441.80
corp logoHold My Beer and Watch This.8-0.10
corp logoHolding Corp Inc.32.00
corp logoHole Violence7-0.30
corp logoHomeland Defense LLC150.30
corp logoHoon Industries110.00
corp logoHorus inc.40.00
corp logoHot Drops R Us261.90
corp logoHouse Aratus1791.111
corp logoHutbuerger60.40
corp logoHyperactive Drone Bunnies51.00
corp logoHyperborean Construction Inc.210.10
corp logoHyperboreos31.40
corp logoI Hate Mining Corporation350.825
corp logoICE CUBE ARG112.60
corp logoICE is Coming to EVE1611.71
corp logoIdiot Bad Stupidcorp2-2.00
corp logoImperial Omega Contracts5-0.30
corp logoImperial ReSupply Services180.00
corp logoImperial Syndicate291.40
corp logoImperial Transcontinental Logistics190.20
corp logoImperium Industries90.00
corp logoImperium Nexus100.10
corp logoIn One Ear And Out Your Mother120.60
corp logoIndependent Unique Snowflakes3372.225
corp logoInfinity Harmonics40.20
corp logoInfinity Limited80.00
corp logoInsert Corp Name Here 2.0210.40
corp logoInsomnis Group70.90
corp logoIvory Tower LLC91.00
corp logoIX Legio Hispana Aquila310.00
corp logoJ-CORP81.20
corp logoJarhead Industries261.40
corp logoJewing and Jewing some more30.40
corp logoJoe's International House of Pancakes50.50
corp logoJousting R Us293.10
corp logoJunta.22.50
corp logoJust Another Corp Inc70.10
corp logoJust Post220.40
corp logoKado Interstelalr TechConsortium100.00
corp logoKarmaFleet3,8561.538
corp logoKarmaFleet Holdings20.00
corp logoKeagle's Corgi Institute of Science52.00
corp logoKernel of War772.61
corp logoKickASCEE90.0-1
corp logoKMW Business Holding40.20
corp logoKoma.20.00
corp logoKor Koloth and Kang LLC50.0-1
corp logoKrabbing Sloth50.60
corp logoKrabs Gone Wild142.30
corp logoKrabWaffe30.00
corp logoKrabz 4 Kipz101.00
corp logoKriegsmarinewerft5171.6-5
corp logoKS Logistics AG40.10
corp logoKugami Enterprise30.00
corp logoLa Nuestra Familia60.00
corp logoLaser Explosion Annihilation Depot301.31
corp logoLawful And Righteous71.30
corp logoLazy bee company50.90
corp logoLegiones Astartes.20.00
corp logoLegitimate Nigerian Banking Conglomerate20.10
corp logoLes chevaliers de l'ordre3262.5-6
corp logoLeuschels Drill and Mining63.30
corp logoLiberty Holdings110.30
corp logoLiberty Impulse10.00
corp logoLightning Circle91.2-1
corp logoLightspeed Enterprises761.43
corp logoLockheed Martin Inc.5-0.10
corp logoLogistic incorporated9-0.40
corp logoLong Live The Great10.00
corp logoLost Brain Cells15-0.11
corp logoLOST IDEA1341.70
corp logoLot Lizzard Holdings230.40
corp logoLotus Industrial Collective102.90
corp logoLOUDER THAN GOD32.00
corp logoM-M-T-B10.00
corp logoM.O.Z.G.I10.00
corp logoM2 Industrial and Logistics80.00
corp logoMade by Verde72.10
corp logoMagellanic Itg312.01
corp logoMake Luv Not War1-5.70
corp logoMama Said Knock You Out10.00
corp logoManboobs in Space242.0-2
corp logoMcPouty Reaction Services70.00
corp logoMcThuggin Inc.20.80
corp logomeme.141.20
corp logoMen Who Stare At Goats10.00
corp logoMentakona's Lightly Used Buttes190.20
corp logoMerch Industrial2461.81
corp logoMethusela's Supercapital Shipyards230.90
corp logoMidwest Creations21.20
corp logoMileghere Operations CO100.00
corp logoMillbarge and Fitz-Hume Holdings Inc.52.10
corp logoMindstar Technology2051.63
corp logoMine 'N' Refine2912.16
corp logoMineral And Goo Heavy Industries80.60
corp logoMinion Evolution61.50
corp logoMinion Revolution1891.7-9
corp logoMinistry of Brexit51.00
corp logoMinistry of Offense3462.2-14
corp logoMinistry of Plagiarism91.20
corp logoMiolaka Inter-Universe Business Aggregation60.80
corp logoMiss TradeLaBoobs Industrial and Transport Inc.30.00
corp logoMitsubishi Clandestine Pharmaceuticals100.90
corp logoMLG1337420BlazeIt360TitanNoScopeCorporationSWAG710.50
corp logoMonkey Attack Squad4032.9-9
corp logoMoon Goo Productions10.00
corp logoMoongoo Mining and Mixing580.40
corp logoMoonshine Industries Ltd60.80
corp logoMorning Star Capital Logistics160.10
corp logoMostly Homeless22.50
corp logoMostly Legal Grand Business70.70
corp logoMR Corp101.70
corp logoMuch Like Your Posting22-0.50
corp logoMumplina's Family Estate50.10
corp logoMutter Courage Logistics20.00
corp logoMycomancy LLC1-0.10
corp logoNabors Drilling USA2-0.10
corp logoNaranek Industries LLC8-0.30
corp logoNBS.S20.00
corp logoNED-Clan1972.24
corp logoNemesis Logistics1961.82
corp logoNemesis Scientific210.00
corp logoNer Vod Fleet Systems223.80
corp logoNerd Panic571.10
corp logoNew Boreas1612.6-6
corp logoNew Eden's Got Talent110.10
corp logoNew Edens Moon Preservation Society141.60
corp logoNiarja. Auga. Deltole and Schmaeel LLP40.30
corp logoNiborian Research Laboratories130.00
corp logoNo Bullshit120.30
corp logoNo more Wall7-0.10
corp logoNo One Better721.00
corp logoNo u Appreciation Society30.30
corp logoNomad Supply Systems30.10
corp logoNOPE Industries120.10
corp logoNOT SUNDERING210.40
corp logoNothing but static10.00
corp logoNovalis Industries10.40
corp logoNovatech Chemical Industries60.80
corp logoNull Innovations80.00
corp logoNunyo Commercial Consortium90.20
corp logoNutz Inc262.80
corp logoOctagram Heavy Industry50.00
corp logooh wee1-5.70
corp logoONTAP22.50
corp logoooailia361.30
corp logoOuter Rim Jobs61.90
corp logoOxidation20.10
corp logoPainter Freight Services19-7.10
corp logoPale People in Black10.00
corp logoPanFam Trojan Horse40.00
corp logoPangraphics Starship Design132.00
corp logoPara's Lumbar Support170.90
corp logoParallel Production150.21
corp logoParrot Heavy Industries15.00
corp logoParsec Planetary Engineering Inc.390.10
corp logoPaste Extraction and Reaction Services40.00
corp logoPatriotic Propensity20.61
corp logoPatriotic Tendencies2072.07
corp logoPaxton Federation.5020.44
corp logoPedicabo Ego Vos Et Irrumabo2-0.20
corp logoPenguin Roach Motels160.00
corp logoPeoples Liberation Army3992.54
corp logoPhantom Secret Service College10.00
corp logoPI For Plex11-0.51
corp logoPickle Rick Appreciation Society90.30
corp logoPineapple Goo2-0.30
corp logoPirate Blazers70.40
corp logoPitter-Patter10.00
corp logoPixelfarm150.10
corp logoPLA Supercap Manufacturer70.00
corp logoPlus Ten To Your Mom81.50
corp logoPod Fluid Deficiency60.70
corp logoPoint first Web second242.10
corp logoPOS Roles101.40
corp logoPost Prandium20.00
corp logoPrecious Roy Network4-0.10
corp logoPresidential Office of Transparency83.00
corp logoPress F10.00
corp logoPrincessWaffe11-1.70
corp logoPrivate Firm160.40
corp logoProxyBuilders80.10
corp logoPubSwarm Federation35-0.10
corp logoQman The Emperor20.10
corp logoQZion73.60
corp logoR Logistics 1290.40
corp logoRabbit Hutch Cake Shop40.01
corp logoRaging Bull Ind.140.00
corp logoRapid Deploy Logistics3-0.30
corp logorasstrigas140.80
corp logoREACT0R70.90
corp logoRead The Forums200.60
corp logoRecureon Corporation90.00
corp logoRed Bull Wodka Intl. Enterprises2-0.1-1
corp logoRed Cross Destroyers10.00
corp logoRegalia Mining inc60.40
corp logoRekium3952.66
corp logoRekium Industries180.41
corp logoRenegade Manufacturing LLC130.30
corp logoRepswarm Industries16-0.10
corp logoRepswarm Reserve30.00
corp logoResearch Corporation 0002590.00
corp logoRocket Ore3-0.30
corp logoRotciv Rrama Industries540.50
corp logorRED ANTS772.7-2
corp logoRuffy's Pirates20.00
corp logoRussian ICE Bears3032.9-5
corp logos0cial.Industries130.40
corp logoSaberick Interest and Development60.90
corp logoSacred Heart Hospital10.00
corp logoSailBarge41.40
corp logoSal's Wreckage1-1.30
corp logoSanctus.100.00
corp logoSatyriasis Cure10.00
corp logoSavage Industries.52.30
corp logoSchool of The Recluses401.50
corp logoScorpio Rising Club10.00
corp logoSE.Q180.80
corp logoSecret Garden160.20
corp logoSecret Squirrel Readiness Group71.60
corp logoSeminal Vessels170.60
corp logoSemper Iratus Omni Tempore1291.82
corp logoSerpentine Constructions70.70
corp logoShadow State5002.1-3
corp logoShadow State Holdings10.00
corp logoShekel State40.00
corp logoShift Happens Cool House52.00
corp logoShinhan Industries50.00
corp logoShiny Trinkets Inc.311.1-3
corp logoShocking Footage10.00
corp logoShocky Industrial Federation60.00
corp logoShocky Industries Ltd.2192.22
corp logoShortBus Corporation820.20
corp logoShowMeThePLEX151.70
corp logoSilent Horizon150.20
corp logoSilverhawks Shipping30.00
corp logoSinister Corporation90.00
corp logoSIOT Leadership260.70
corp logoSkyForges72.20
corp logoSkynet Developments80.00
corp logoSlighty Used and Partially Damaged Spaceship Sales180.00
corp logoSmoke And Ashes30.00
corp logoSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs Mining Operation810.20
corp logoSolician Enterprises380.30
corp logosomething FABULOUS30.00
corp logoSoTex Sales and Services40.10
corp logoSouth Sea Industries90.00
corp logoSouthern Style.120.90
corp logoSpace Exploitation Inc521.10
corp logoSpace Goat Laundering Service40.00
corp logoSpace Milkshake Ltd91.20
corp logoSpace Mission Junkies302.1-6
corp logoSpace Tanks183.10
corp logoSpaceStar Ordering10.00
corp logoSpecial Activities Division1-2.40
corp logoSpy Infested Tax Dodge31-0.10
corp logoStarfsckers Inc50.50
corp logoStone Fish Consolidated Mercentile Limited60.00
corp logoStrange Mood Craftsmen30.00
corp logoStrongtower Industries81.20
corp logoStuff things and more22.50
corp logoSub--Zero1771.21
corp logoSuddenly Seamen. A Naval Charity1,526-1.22
corp logoSuicide Birds4-0.10
corp logoSUNDERING1842.16
corp logoSWAT Trading and Investments30.00
corp logoSWAT Vertical Integration Products440.30
corp logoSyndicate Asset Management30.10
corp logoT O P M E N110.00
corp logoT.O.P M.E.N30.00
corp logoTABFLEET172.20
corp logoTalocan Systems10.00
corp logoTampokos30.00
corp logoTech Semest170.50
corp logoTG Holding71.20
corp logoThanatos Appreciation Society110.90
corp logoThe Bloody Parrots90.80
corp logoThe Candle Factory60.80
corp logoThe CASholes31.70
corp logoThe Corporation 19231120.30
corp logoThe Devil Won't Let Me Be41.50
corp logoThe Dream Team202.20
corp logoThe Dysfunctionals1332.80
corp logoThe Farting Unicorns172.20
corp logoThe Flying Dead.1733.1-7
corp logoThe Flying Tortillas Cartel111.60
corp logoThe Hanuman Corporation2-3.40
corp logoThe Honey Hive270.5-2
corp logoThe Honeycomb12-1.10
corp logoThe Idiot Kings71.20
corp logoThe Imperators1-8.10
corp logoThe Imperium Cartel20.10
corp logoThe Mobius Foundation20.00
corp logoThe R-Team10.00
corp logoThe Salacious Details of Pee-wee Herman's Sex Life160.30
corp logoThe Salad Bar410.50
corp logoThe School of Poaching40.40
corp logoThe Simpleton10.00
corp logoThe Strange Theory of Light and Matter7-2.30
corp logoThe Terrifying Holding Corp of Dog Fort30.00
corp logoThe Terrifying League Of Dog Fort2681.411
corp logoThe Transporter Division80.00
corp logoThe Undesirable H40.20
corp logoThe Warp Core Stabilizers1502.43
corp logoThe Wheel of EvE Services151.20
corp logoThetaCorp60.10
corp logoThetan Operations30.40
corp logoThousands of Rorqual380.90
corp logoThunderwaffe3062.74
corp logoThunderwaffles380.40
corp logoTiny Rick Appreciation Society260.30
corp logoTiTaniC Shipyards10.00
corp logoTouch My Totem161.80
corp logoTriarii Armament200.50
corp logoTritanium Industries and Technology2292.4-7
corp logoTritanium Industries LLP31.60
corp logoTrue Faces Hungary1081.93
corp logoTu'ka Transit and Logistics53.00
corp logoTuoni Cruise Lines531.10
corp logoTwisp and Catsby's Moonvestments10.00
corp logoTycho Manufacturing and Engineering50.10
corp logoTyrany of Vision160.70
corp logoUK Corp2671.7-2
corp logoUMADBRO Airlines100.40
corp logoUnclear Sexuality Inc.71.30
corp logoUnderaged Miners Inc.81.4-3
corp logoUnderwriters Laboratories200.20
corp logoUnisystems123.70
corp logoUnrelated Intentions1-2.10
corp logoUnsanitary Landfill4-1.60
corp logoUpright Christian Members for Miners250.00
corp logoUSADBRO Airlines70.00
corp logoUsually High8-0.20
corp logoValar Morghulis.351.3-4
corp logoVectrum Ventures20.20
corp logoVolition Cult1952.1-3
corp logoWabbaJacks102.10
corp logoWaffenfabrik 176180.41
corp logoWalder Frey Wedding Planning LLC41.30
corp logoWalk Without Rhythm31.70
corp logoWATAHA.30.00
corp logoWe Got Lasers90.70
corp logoWeyland Aerospace60.90
corp logoWhalers Anonymous20.00
corp logoWHITE SQUADRON.50.40
corp logoWhite Veil L.L.C.20.00
corp logoWIDot Logistics50.00
corp logoWildly Inappropriate7162.2-361
corp logoWildly Inappropriate Retirement Fund30.00
corp logoX all the Y22.50
corp logoXavier Trading130.90
corp logoYEET - WAR SUPPLIERS50.41
corp logoYour Mom Heavy Industries15.00
corp logoZC Omega90.30
corp logoZebra Corp4011.53
corp logoZebra Corp Holdings70.00
corp logoZM Global90.00
corp logoZonk Squad1682.50

Any pilots, corporations, or alliances that relate to actual people or entities are purely coincidental.
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